Cross Creek

Days Fatbiker (VR 360) 19.11.15: Crossing the creek-snowdrop (Fatbike video)


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Google Translator: Interesting, but not a good ride. Cold, thin battery refused to work for the front lights, because driving home in the dark. But it was interesting. But about the battery tell you: Do not take for the sake of reducing the weight of the small batteries! Usually I drive with powerbank on 10mAh, if it freezes, but even so works. And this trip took a flat pocket power source 2 mAh, it electronics or refused to work at low temperatures, or he was frozen. When brought home, and warm


Kamaz vs. Ford Transit creek crossing


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Audi A6 Allroad creek crossing AS1


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Epic creek crossing


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Grand National Cross Country 2012. Этап 3 – Steele Creek Bikes


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Автоспорт & Мотоспорт


Crossing Granite Creek 2 - return trip


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