Aaliyah Mendes | Camp Dreamwood, 2018


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Dreamwood - James Broughton, 1972


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"DREAMWOOD is James Broughton's major work to date. It is a modern day spiritual odyssey in which a man is mysteriously compelled to leave his home and embark on a voyage to a strange and magical island. On the island he faces the most improbable and intense experiences of his life, ranging from total humiliation to a deep sense of oneness with the forces of life. Heroic in concept, subtle in execution, DREAMWOOD is a beautiful film by a true master of the medium." - David Bienstock "DREAMWOOD is Broughton's finest film." - Jerome Hill "No single film in the whole of the American avant-garde comes as close as this one to the source of the trance film, Cocteau's Blood of a Poet." - P. Adams Sitney


Dreamwood Панорама


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Детская игровая площадка из дерева Дримвуд Панорама


Rose & Leonid from Dreamwood


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The moment before (DreamWood)


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И. Завалко "Состояние До" Состояние До — искренняя книга о красоте и любви. "Я знаю, что «Состояние До» будет для многих источником света и тепла. Эта мысль вдохновляет меня, и позволяет отдавать еще больше, и делать это легко и радостно. Я честен в этой книге. Сегодня, понятия честности, искренности, открытости, становятся чем-то неожиданным, забытым, неловким. Но это наш путь, друзья мои. Путь прекрасных искателей, открывающих душу широко, в искреннем желании познать себя. Без страха и сомнений. Только любовь побеждает страх. А в этой книге — каждая буква о любви."


Dreamwood Workshop in Sochi


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Превью ролик фото проекта эко-свадьбы "DreamWood"


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DreamWood Tiser1


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Первый и кривой.


James Broughton - Dreamwood, Rituals of Play (1972)


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Dreamwood. Миша и Лиза;)


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Солнце, пляжик, Хо-ро-шо:))


Dreamwood Парк чудес и приключений


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The Forest Song (DreamWood)


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"All women are very different: strict and careless, shy and jovial, calm and restless. But every single one of them has something special about her… It seems that Mother Nature herself put a magic sparkle in every woman and this sparkle makes them able to be both strong and tender, soulful and powerful. This story was inspired by a play of a great Ukrainian poet and writer, Lesya Ukrainka. She studied Ukrainian myths and legends her whole life and used her knowledge in many of her literary works. “The Forest Song”, sometimes called Ukrainian “Romeo and Juliette” is a tragic story of love between a mortal man and a beautiful magical forest creature. This somewhat haunting but incredibly beautiful poetic play and our love for the Nature of our country inspired us to create this story of three sisters-forest creatures."